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What gasoline does my BMW require?

Dallas BMW Repair - Intake ValvesMany people ask us what fuel they should be running in their BMW so here is some basic info to help out. Directly from the most common Dallas – Ft. Worth gas stations that comply with Top Tier requirements are Chevron, Conoco, Exxon, Mobil, Phillips 66, Quik Trip, Shell, and Texaco. These oil companies pay to have their fuel tested and approved under stringent Top Tier standards. If you are filling your BMW with fuels from stations other than listed above you could potentially be leading yourself to unnecessary costly repairs for your BMW.

Due to our ever increasing demands on oil, the addition of ethanol to fuel has become the norm. Ethanol has minimal beneficial use, it is there to help oxygenate the fuel, and to be a consumable reproducible filler. Top Tier standards require 8-10% of denatured ethanol in the fuel known as E10. Non-Top Tier fuels can vary, and when excessive amounts of ethanol is present water is absorbed, and over time accumulates at the bottom of the fuel tank under the lighter floating fuel, and drivability issues/rust can result. Though it is a fact that most BMW fuel tanks for the past 10 years have been mostly plastic, so rust usually is not a factor. Quality additive packages for Top Tier fuels help maintain your engines internals, by limiting deposits on fuel injectors, combustion chambers, and intake valves especially (non-direct injection).

Octane level is also an important factor when choosing the right fuel for your BMW. Proper octane level of 91 or above will help keep your BMW running correctly. Using lower octane fuel can lower engine performance, fuel economy, and worst case scenario cause detonation and severe internal engine damage. We use BMW approved fuel additives to treat fuel systems during required fuel system treatments. So keep your BMW happy starting with Top Teir fuel, and expert BMW service at Ultimate Bimmer Service.

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