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Back again with some Dallas BMW repair insight as to what happens at Ultimate Bimmer Service and what we do. Coolant leaks are a common problem on older BMW’s given the tough Texas heat combined with the plastic construction. This week we performed a complete Coolant system replacement on a 10 year old 3 Series that was quoted at Classic BMW, we beat the price buy $600, and of course as with every repair at Ultimate Bimmer Service all old parts are saved to show/educate our customers at pick-up. Check engine lights are not unexpected when a BMW starts to age, we can diagnose and repair any issue causing your BMW check engine light. An example from this week was a torn throttle boot assembly; we utilize the Vacutec EvaPro diagnostic smoke machine for testing intake/exhaust systems, and the N54 vacuum lines for leaks. The EvaPro also gets used for isolating very small leaks in the fuel tank system that can cause annoying check engine lights as well. Plus too many BMW repairs to list.

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