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Tips to Deal with Exhaust Leaks from Your BMW

The exhaust system of your vehicle serves a pretty simple goal, although it does it elaborately at times. The fundamental purpose of your vehicle’s exhaust system is to safely guide toxic gases from your combustion chamber to the external system for your safety. The safest area for these gases is out of your car, far away from you or the windows. The safest route is under the car’s rear bumper.

BMW 340i Car

The secondary aim of your exhaust system is to suppress the sound of normal combustion explosions in the engine, which are directed out through the sound muffler in the exhaust system. Consider the path that your exhaust has to take from the engine to the exit point, especially when you consider the extreme heat generated in the engine and how hot these gases are after combustion.

Finally, depending on whether you’re accelerating hard, downshifting, or merely idling, your engine vibrates when you’re driving. As a result, your exhaust must securely transport toxic gases to the end of your automobile safely. Control valves, heat shields, pipes, couplings, adjustable unions, and rubber hangers are all used in your exhaust system to accomplish its task safely.

Water vapor is a normal result of proper combustion in your vehicle’s engine. This condensation usually escapes your exhaust as a wispy, sometimes-whitish vapor on cold days. Because of the condensation, everything inside your exhaust system might become damp, causing rust to grow on the steel pipes and components.

Also, because the exhaust system runs under the underside of your car, it is open to everything from road debris and dirt to ice and de-icing chemicals.

Because your vehicle’s exhaust system takes a beating, it will almost certainly have to be changed or serviced at some point throughout its lifetime.

How to Tell when Your Exhaust is Leaking

Identifying the source of the problem is the first step in repairing your exhaust system. This is because the exhaust pipe gets very hot, so it might be hard to monitor for either an exhaust leakage or pinpoint the source of the problem.

If you have driven your car in the recent few hours, you must never touch nor handle any element of the exhaust system. Begin with a visual examination to observe changes. It is at the position from which the exhaust gases from your vehicle’s engine are exiting. It will most likely be rusted and will consist of several tubes or one huge tube. Look closely since they may be obscured by a heat shield. From there, find the piping from the back of your vehicle. Examine the pipe for a hole or area where it has fractured or separated. Verify each one of the exhaust components.

One or more catalytic converters, resonators, or mufflers may be present. Giant steel tubes or boxes will be joined all along with exhaust piping to form these. Inspect for any holes, dents, or creases on all of them. Remember to use a mechanic’s mirror to inspect the surface of each component. If you are not able to properly perform this at home, we always recommend having our professionals with our equipment do the inspection for you.

What does it sound like when there’s an exhaust leakage?

If you understand what an exhaust leak sounds like, you can conduct an audio investigation. Begin in the engine compartment while your vehicle is running. Look at the area around the exhaust manifold for a particular noise. An exhaust leak inside this area may sound like a humming or wheezing.

Next, search for leakage in the exhaust system’s unions and joints. A leak may sound like a vibration, hum, or deep rumble. The greater the sound, the closest it is to the engine.

Exhaust leakage can be extremely harmful, since it could allow exhaust gases to enter your vehicle’s cabin. Exhaust gases aren’t always environmentally destructive, but they’re still harmful to your health! Inhaling automobile exhaust fumes may cause you to feel uneasy in the short term, but it can also cause major health issues if not properly ventilated, and even death.

BMW Exhaust Leak Repair

Allow Our Experts to Handle It!

If you detect exhaust fumes from your BMW, contact us at Ultimate Bimmer Service right away. We proudly serve clients in and around Carrolton and Dallas, TX. Allow our professional technicians to repair your BMW and keep it in top cognition on our Texas roads.

* BMW 340i Car image credit goes to: stonena7.

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