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The Negative Impact of a Clogged Fuel Pump to Your BMW’s Performance

BMWs are sleek, high-performance vehicles, uniquely made to deliver a smooth, safe, and sophisticated ride each time a driver gets behind the wheel. To ensure that your BMW remains this way, maintenance and special care should always be taken and performed.

Even with a routine schedule in place, there may come a time when certain parts of your BMW need further work. One such part is the fuel pump. If not properly maintained, the fuel pump can become clogged.

BMW Fuel Pump

When the fuel pump is clogged, the overall performance of your BMW is negatively impacted and performance is ultimately decreased. Keep reading to find out about what the fuel pump is, how your BMW’s performance is negatively impacted, and where to get the fuel pump fixed.

The Function of the Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is responsible for pumping fuel from the tank through pipes to the carburetor. From the carburetor, the fuel enters the combustion process as it mixes with air to create the optimal fuel-to-air ratio that your BMW requires to run smoothly.

A majority of the time, the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank. Depending on the year of your BMW model, you either have a mechanical or electrical fuel pump. Older BMWs have a mechanical pump and newer BMWs have an electrical pump. Both of these will be explained briefly below so you learn about the pump that is in your BMW.

Mechanical vs. Electrical Fuel Pumps

Mechanical fuel pumps are mainly driven by the camshaft. The camshaft is connected to one end of the fuel pump and is responsible for moving the pump up. The other end of the fuel pump is connected loosely to a rubber diaphragm that forms the floor of the fuel pump. When the diaphragm is down, suction is created, which enables the fuel to be forced out into the pipes.

Electrical fuel pumps work in a similar fashion to the mechanical ones, except for the fact that an electromagnetic switch called a solenoid is responsible for forcing the diaphragm down, as opposed to the camshaft having a part in the process. The solenoid acts as an iron rod that pulls down the diaphragm that relaxes once the electromagnetic current is broken.

The Negative Impacts of a Clogged Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is one of those parts in your BMW that is constantly working as your vehicle is running. The fuel pump receives its commands from the main computer system in your BMW and releases the proper amount of fuel each time.

When the fuel is being pumped out, the pump comes in contact with the unfiltered fuel. Over time, this will cause a clog in the fuel pump. If the fuel pump is clogged, the proper amount of fuel is not being pumped to create a balanced fuel-to-air mixture.

As stated above, your BMW requires the proper mix of fuel and air to ensure the engine is running in the most optimal condition. When the fuel pump becomes clogged, the required amount of fuel is not present. This causes your vehicle to run lean, which leads to damage to the BMW’s engine. The end result is a decrease in gas mileage.

A clogged fuel pump can cause your BMW to have difficulty while starting. Without the proper amount of fuel, the engine will struggle to start. The pressure that is required for the fuel to be pumped out is no longer there when the pump is clogged. You will notice that you have to turn the key more than once in order for your BMW to start.

Your BMW may experience a loss of power while under stress if your fuel pump is clogged. Your vehicle is under stress when accelerating and when functioning with a heavy load. To perform these two actions, your BMW requires more power from the engine and more fuel. With a clogged fuel pump, the necessary fuel will not be there and your vehicle will struggle to meet the demand.

BMW Fuel Pump Issue Check

Ultimate Bimer Service Will Fix Your Clogged Fuel Pump

When you notice one of the above effects occurring with your BMW, it is time to bring it into your trusted technician at Ultimate Bimmer Service in Carrolton and Dallas, TX. We provide you and your BMW with professional, high-quality service each time you visit. You will be back on the road quickly with a fully-repaired or replaced fuel pump so you can drive with confidence. We look forward to becoming your trusted BMW shop.

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