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How to Deal With Cracked Alloy Wheels in a BMW

One of the secret weapons of any luxury car is in the wheels. Alloy wheels have emerged as a popular alternative to other metals due to their ability to be more durable and stronger, allowing them to withstand more wear and tear while also offering better performance capabilities. Alloy rims can also often help to improve the handling in your vehicle and are a very popular choice from an aesthetic preference as well. However that also means that cracks and damages in alloy wheels require even more skill and expertise to repair and replace so that your car doesn’t experience a drop off in performance quality. If you have alloy wheels on your BMW and they are cracked or beginning to crack then make sure you know how to handle it properly.

BMW E90 318i

Can You Drive On It

The biggest question about cracked alloy wheels is can you drive on them? This is extremely discouraged as damages to the wheel can lead to damage on the tire requiring both to be replaced. Driving on a cracked wheel can cause a sudden tire blowout while you’re driving putting you and other drivers in extreme danger. So if your wheel is cracked it is important to seek out the proper repairs as soon as possible so you don’t inflict more damages on your car.

Does It Have To Be Replaced

If your wheel is dented or bent then it’s possible to have it repaired by a reliable BMW mechanic but further damage will usually mean replacement is the only option. If the alloy wheel is cracked, specifically with one of the lug nut holes sustaining damage then it will need to be replaced to prevent any further damage from occurring throughout your vehicle.

Check Your Type Of Tires

BMW’s are known for using run-flat tires on most of their models with the reduced maintenance offering an enticing option for drivers. These tires however are proven to add extra stress on your wheels and can lead to cracks occurring easier and more often. By switching tires to a traditional brand/type you will ease the load on your wheels and should help to prevent future cracking or damages from occurring.

Watch The Roads

Even something as seemingly small as a pothole can lead to cracks in your wheels. While you are driving make sure to carefully watch the roads as potholes, debris and other unexpected obstacles in the road can all lead to bent or cracked wheels.

Always Seek The Help Of Professionals

If your wheel is bent or cracked it is always important that you seek an expert mechanic for help repairing or replacing the wheel. Most bent wheels are often cracked at the hands of drivers trying to straighten the wheel back out with the improper tools or training. Repairing cracked wheels often includes welding as part of the process so instead of taking matters into your own hands make sure that you always consult with a trained professional to fully restore your wheels’ capabilities and durability.

Check Your Model BMW And Warranty

BMW has experienced issues with lawsuits claiming their alloy wheels were prematurely wearing out. One option is always consulting the warranty for your BMW and seeing if the wheels are covered or if your model is included in any of the recent lawsuits. Repairing cracked alloy wheels or replacing them altogether are both extremely expensive, maintaining them should always be the top priority to avoid these costly services.

Call Ultimate Bimmer Service Today

BMW Alloy Wheel Cracked wheels require proper skill and experience to repair correctly and at Ultimate Bimmer Service that’s just what we offer. Located in Carrollton, Texas and servicing the surrounding areas, we provide drivers with dealership quality work at much more affordable prices. Our staff of technicians knows how to diagnose bent/cracked alloy wheels and how to properly get them repaired when possible while also ensuring that your car’s performance won’t be impacted negatively as it would with subpar repair work.

In the event that your wheels need to be completely replaced we will work quickly to make sure the job gets done fast. This way you don’t have to deal with a car in the shop for any extended period of time like you would at a crowded dealership. If your BMW has cracks in the alloy wheels or you’d like to speak with one of our expert mechanics regarding services available for your car please call Ultimate Bimmer Service today.

BMW Alloy Wheel image credit goes to: Nickbeer.

BMW E90 318i image credit goes to: DarthArt.

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