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Replacing Your BMW Spark Plugs

Dallas BMW Repair Spark PlugsThe age old term of “tune-up” refers mainly to the ignition systems of older vehicles that used distributors, spark plugs wire and points style ignition systems. These outdated systems have been replaced with modern coil-on-plug style ignition systems with zero moving parts and extended service intervals.

Starting with the 1999 year model, most BMWs have been factory equipped with platinum-tipped (and iridium-tipped beginning in 2006) electrode spark plugs that require replacement at 100,000 miles.

(Approximately 1999 up to March of 2009, and excluding M and turbocharged models)

Older BMW Motorsport models such as the E36/7 and E85 M Roaster/Coupe, and E36 and E46 M3 are equipped with similar two ground strap spark plugs. These high performance engines wear out their spark plugs sooner and require replacement at 60,000 miles, (Usually during the Inspection Two Services).

Newer BMW Motorsport models such as the E60 M5, E63/64 M6, and E90/92 M3 also have a shorter spark plug service interval. These V10 and V8 equipped machines require spark plug replacement every 37,000 miles for optimal performance.

Turbocharged BMW models equipped with the N54, N63, engines (Such as the 135i, 335i, 535i, X5, X6, 2009 and newer 750i, 2010 and newer 550i, are equipped with copper-tipped spark plugs that require replacement every 37,000 miles, (Usually during the third oil service or vehicle check service).

Newest BMW models equipped with the new N20 or N55 turbocharged engines, or N52TU engine (2010 and newer 535i, 535i GT, 128i, 328i, X3, X5, etc) require spark plug replacement every fourth engine oil service or 60,000 miles.

Replacing your BMW’s spark plugs at their specified interval helps ensure your engine’s performance and fuel economy is at its peak. Ultimate Bimmer Service offers Dallas area clients unbeatable pricing, expert technicians, and fast turn-around for BMW repair in Dallas.

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