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Rear Differential Leak in Your BMW? Time to Replace the Fluid!

As a BMW owner, you probably have a special bond with your automobile. There are countless online communities where BMW owners are seen celebrating their cars, posting photos of their unique configurations, and sharing information and knowledge with each other.

BMWs are well-made imports that have stood the test of time, and that’s what makes it all the more painful when a part within the vehicle breaks or fails. One problem that has been popping up with BMWs in particular is a rear differential leak. Many who are reading up on this problem for the first time may not even know what a differential is or what it does. If you treasure your BMW, you will want to become familiar with the proper way of taking care of the situation, should it happen to you and your vehicle.

BMW Rear Differential Leak

What is a real differential and what does it do?

It might sound complicated, but a differential does a simple job. It receives the torque generated by the engine and splits the energy two ways, allowing the left and right wheels to turn at a different speed. In rear wheel drive cars, the differential is located in the middle of the rear wheels. Four wheel drive cars also employ a rear differential to dispense power between the rear wheels.

The differential aids in a car’s ability to make turns. If the right tire is heading into a turn at 17 rotations per minute, the left tire will have to slow down by 17 rotations per minute. The differential is what allows the tires to move at these separate rates. There are also varying types of differentials based on the make and model of your car. Older cars tend to have open differentials, and more modern vehicles may have a limited slip differential, which will lock both sides of the axle when one of the wheels loses its traction. Modern cars with more electronic components may use a torque-vectoring differential, which uses data collected from sensors to determine the most accurate amount of torque to feed the wheels, maintaining the best possible traction.

Rear Differential Leaks

In order to determine if the rear differential is leaking, you need to do a little bit of investigating. You can look to see if there is any oil seeping out of the gasket by checking the underside of the differential housing. If there is, your differential gasket is weak and about to fail completely. This doesn’t mean that the car isn’t driveable in the short term, but you will need to get the leak fixed in a timely manner, as the problems can only begin to manifest over time.

You must also check underneath the rear of the car between the two tires, where the rear differential is located. If there is a puddle of oil collecting under the car, you probably have a leaking differential gasket.

Sounds may also emanate from the gears adjacent to the offending differential. This will sound like a whining or a howling noise. This means that your differential oil is running dangerously low and causing the gears to grind against each other. At this point, you must find a qualified service center to repair the rear differential of your car will develop far more serious problems.

Finding The Right Repair Shop For Your BMW

Now that you know you have a leaking rear differential, you must find a repair shop that is reliable as well as affordable. This is where Ultimate Bimmer Service comes in. BMW owners throughout the Dallas area have been bringing their cars in to our shop for the past three decades, and with good reason. We offer surprisingly affordable service, considering that BMW repairs can easily drain a driver’s bank account.

BMW Rear Differential Leak Check

Ultimate Bimmer Service also strives to be accommodating to our patrons by offering guaranteed appointments, late drop off and pick up, and complimentary WiFi in our customer lounge. Getting your car serviced used to be a grueling chore, but once you bring your car to Ultimate Bimmer Service, you will actually look forward to your car’s routine check ups.

If you live in the cities of Carrolton and Dallas, TX and your car has exhibited the symptoms of a rear differential leak, don’t delay. Bring your car to Ultimate Bimmer Service today.

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