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Myth About Transmission Fluid Change

We hear from many customers that they were informed by either a BMW Service Advisor, or another repair shop that they should NOT change their transmission fluid. We just simply cannot understand that mentality, BMW states that the fluid should be changed at 100,000miles on MOST models, and even less for the M models. Let’s just say that no fluid is truly lifetime, and the shops that say to “not” change it are just afraid to do it. We hear descriptions from BMW Service advisors at local BMW Dealerships that changing the fluid” just causes problems”. We have changed transmission fluid in over 1,000 BMW’s in our careers and have never had a problem arise due to the fluid change. Mind you we are using the exact Original BMW Transmission fluid called for in the specific model, and maybe other shops are using the cheaper equivalents, we don’t know. But what we do know is if your transmission is having problems either, setting faults, going into failsafe mode, or any slipping or shifting issues then a fluid change likely will not cure the issue, unless you were very low on fluid do to a leak of some sort. That’s when shops run into problems, trying to change the fluid to correct an issue. Remember transmission fluid and filter service is a maintenance item NOT a repair procedure. That being said please have your BMW transmission serviced at the required intervals, as our smart customer do, this week alone we have changed the fluid and filter on 4 BMW models including an Alpina B7. Call us today (972) 418-1800

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