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Maintain Your BMW’s TCM with these Tips from Experts in Carrollton

When a BMW Transmission Control Module (TCM) fails, it can not only create problematic driving conditions but can also cause severe car damage. A faulty transmission control module can lead to a vehicle losing control, which could cause significant damage or even fatalities when the driver fails to recognize the warning signals. You should seek out experienced mechanics who specialize in BMW service and repair if you observe any of the warning signals of a malfunctioning transmission control module. Let’s dive into the specifics.

BMW Transmission

The Role of The Transmission Control Module (TCM)

The TCM in an automatic transmission is generally responsible for controlling how and when a vehicle changes gears for optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and shift quality based on sensor inputs throughout the vehicle and information from the engine control unit.

A damaged or faulty transmission control module will prevent your transmission from shifting correctly. It is possible that you will be stranded on the side of the road distant from your home if this situation occurs. It could also occur when you are merging into traffic or when you are trying to cross a busy road. If you suspect transmission problems, the best line of action is to have a professional inspect your car immediately if any symptoms appear.

TCM Maintenance Tips

Lack of maintenance is one of the major culprits that brings about the failure of the TCM. The TCM is one of the most critical car components; thus, it is imperative to maintain it to avoid any failures and severe car problems. Here are some tips to help maintain your car’s TCM:

  • Periodically inspect your transmission fluid: With many BMW models, inspecting the transmission fluid is as simple as inspecting the engine oil: remove the dipstick while the engine is idling, wipe it with a cloth, insert it again, wait a few seconds, and pull it out for a precise reading. If you have a low level of fluid, there may be a leak. A bright red color, clear liquid, and a strong, sweet smell should be the characteristics of the fluid itself. Consider taking the car to a transmission repair specialist if it appears murky, dark in color, or smells like fish.
  • Only use the recommended transmission fluid: If you are unsure of what type of fluid to use, consult your BMW’s owner’s manual. In the meantime, if you still have questions, stop by Ultimate Bimmer Service and speak to a professional.
  • Service your BMW’s engine cooling system: Keeping the engine from overheating is one of the functions of the cooling system. However, did you know that it is also vital to cool the transmission fluid as it is flowing through the transmission system? Ensure that the cooling system is in good working order so all parts of your BMW are running as designed.
  • Regularly flush your transmission fluid: It’s best left to the professionals when it comes to replacing the transmission fluid in your BMW. You should get your car’s transmission flushed once a year. Consult the owner’s manual for more information. Depending on the temperature of your car and how frequently you drive, the transmission fluid in your car will last a long time.

BMW Transmission Oil Change

Ultimate Bimmer Service: Your Best Choice in Carrollton and Dallas, TX

Ultimate Bimmer Service employs a team of highly skilled mechanics who have received factory training in the maintenance and repair of luxury European imports, including BMW vehicles. We provide excellent customer service to BMW drivers in and around Carrollton and Dallas, TX.

BMW transmission control module reprogramming and replacement is a specialty at Ultimate Bimmer Service. We can determine by evaluating the symptoms of your BMW whether a reprogramming or a replacement is required for the transmission control module. It is the goal of our ASE-certified specialists to provide the best quality service possible and to carry out the diagnostic and repair process for your BMW openly and honestly.

Our top priority is to offer you the most satisfactory possible service, and our business is family-owned and operated. Ultimate Bimmer Service strives to provide you with the highest level of service to ensure your complete satisfaction. Get in touch or stop by our Carrollton and Dallas BMW dealership today to discover why we are the region’s preferred BMW dealer. We look forward to serving you!

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