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Hubcentric Wheels: Why Are They Important for My BMW?

Although BMWs are engineered almost to perfection, there are improvements that can be made on the stock design that will enhance its performance and durability further. If you are a car enthusiast, then chances are you’re consistently looking for ways to make your BMW even greater. BMWs are versatile; an approach to automotive care should include expertise and extensive, specialized knowledge about them in order to effectively improve your ride. There are many ways to enrich your driving experience; however, one common concern for BMW drivers is addressing comfort and stability without sacrificing performance. Tire and wheel assembly options for your BMW include hubcentric wheels that succeed at this task. Here is a little more information about how hubcentric wheels can enhance your driving experience and why they are important for your BMW in the long run.

BMW M140i Hubcentric Wheel

What Are Hubcentric Wheels?

Hubcentric wheels are designed to provide more support for your wheel assembly by subduing road impacts and eliminating subtle to intense vibrations experienced while driving. Hubcentric designs are effective mainly because they abolish the gap space between the hub and center of the wheel, giving your wheel and tire assembly a much more stable framework. When left unaddressed, this small gap can be the source of rough road vibrations that can lead to wheel fatigue and ultimately corrosion and failure. In other words, putting other types of wheels on your BMW, such as lug-centric wheels, is doing both you and your vehicle a disservice; replacement wheels that decrease your BMWs reliability or performance are never recommended by those who truly value BMW engineering and design.

Hubcentric Variations

There are other ways to alter an existing, non-hubcentric wheel assembly. For instance, you can purchase and install a hubcentric ring that will essentially fill the gap space between the hub and the wheel, which will help eliminate road vibrations for a period of time. Unfortunately, hubcentric rings do not typically last as long as the more thorough alternative procedure of replacing the wheels with an entirely hubcentric design. Furthermore, some specific BMW models are intended to have hubcentric wheels, not lug-centric wheels. When vehicles are fitted with wheel assemblies that do not match their design, it can lead to a forfeiture of clamp force, which can literally sever the bolts that hold everything tightly together. Hubcentric wheels are certainly a more costly replacement than utilizing hubcentric rings; however, the investment is worth the stability and security that hubcentric wheels afford your BMW.

You and Your BMW

Hubcentric wheels are a recommended alternative for BMW drivers because they enhance performance, increase stability, improve longevity and endurance, and create a more comfortable driving experience. It is important to keep in mind, however, that hubcentric wheels do not necessarily solve all road vibration issues. Staying on top of vehicle maintenance is critical before taking further steps to invest in replacement hubcentric wheels. What we mean by this is that even if you replace your wheels with a hubcentric design, there may be other factors that contribute to intense road vibrations or uncomfortable and clunky driving conditions that must be addressed first. For instance, run-flat tires can cause a lot of noticeable road vibration, and suspension issues can contribute to clunky driving conditions. It is imperative to stay attuned to the sensations you experience while driving your BMW so that your enlisted automotive experts can individualize their approach to diagnostics and repair work.

BMW M140i

The Experts at Ultimate Bimmer Service

At Ultimate Bimmer Service in Carrolton, Texas, we are familiar with the benefits and necessity of hubcentric wheel design for our clients. Because we specialize in BMW models alone, we have discovered how hubcentric wheels can improve the driving experience for many BMW owners across the area. Your tire and wheel assembly is what firmly connects you to the ground; therefore, it should be one of the most stable and secure components of your BMW. If you have any questions about hubcentric wheels including costs and alternatives, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We take pride in our ability to educate and help each of our clients make informed decisions on how to best enhance their BMW’s performance and durability.

Images credit goes to: teddyleung.

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