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How to Fix Your BMW’s Faulty Cooling Fan Module in Carrollton

Almost all modern vehicles rely upon electric cooling fans to pull air through the vehicle radiator to keep the engine cool. These cooling fans rely upon electric motor, and they typically have a moderate to high slow draw, which means that they are commonly controlled with a relay. That relay controls the fans for the engine. You want all of the parameters to be properly met so that everything works in tandem with the other components. The relay will typically be activated once the temperature approaches a high level. If you have a faulty cooling fan relay, it will typically produce symptoms that you can identify beforehand so that you know when to bring your vehicle in for service.

BMW Cooling Fan Module

Engine Running Hot

The first symptom associated with a failing cooling fan is that your engine starts to run hot or overheat. If you notice that your engine is starting to run at significantly higher temperatures than normal, it could be indicative of an improperly functioning cooling fan. Once these components stop entirely, they won’t be able to operate the fan and keep your engine at normal temperatures. This is something that you want to be on the lookout for it immediately because high temperatures can be caused by many problems, but if left unchecked, they can be very detrimental to your vehicle and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

When your cooling fans don’t function, they simply won’t operate. This can lead to your vehicle overheating, especially when it is sitting still. If you are stopped and there is no forward motion by your vehicle, it means that air is not passing over your radiator. Again, this is something to be aware of as it is a time-sensitive issue to avoid costly repairs.

Fan on All the Time

Another problem is that your fan stays on all the time. If your cooling fan stays on regularly, it could be indicative of a problem with your cooling fan system. It could be a problem with the cooling fan relay and an internal short which causes the power to be turned on and running at all times. This can drain the battery, which can leave you stranded in some unfortunate situations. Your cooling fan relay functions as a switch, and it does have an electrical component. If you suspect that there is a problem with this electrical component, it needs to be diagnosed by a professional technician who will look over your vehicle and make any replacements to your cooling fan if necessary.

The Next Steps

If you notice a problem with your cooling fans, there is no need to panic. When you see the temperature gauge needle moving into the red, it is important that you pull over as soon as possible. The longer you drive, the longer your engine has to overheat, and the more trouble you will find for your vehicle.

Once your vehicle has cooled down, you can check under the hood and see if the cooling fan is properly spinning. With jumper wires, you can hook up one end to the negative terminal and one end to the positive terminal of your car battery. Use the other side with their respective terminals on the fan motor. These motors have very sharp blades, so exercise caution. If you notice that the fan motor does not work, you will need a replacement. Additional problems can include an issue with the temperature switch, the fuse, or the cooling fan.

BMW Cooling Fan Module Check

Get Professional Help with Your Vehicle

Contact us at Ultimate Bimmer Service. We are convenient to Carrollton and Dallas, TX. If you notice a problem with your cooling fan module in your BMW, bring your vehicle into one of our experts to have the issue examined and repaired as quickly as possible. Whether it is a fuse, the motor, or the entire module, our experts can get you the replacements you need and have you back on the road quickly. Don’t let the problem get worse. Get help immediately and learn how to identify similar problems in the future and what preventative maintenance steps you can take to avoid further costs.

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