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How to Fix a Clogged Fuel Injector in Your BMW

One problem that can occur in your BMW is a clogged fuel injector. When your fuel injector gets blocked by dirt and debris buildup, it will reduce fuel flow and can prevent the fuel from combusting properly. This will often cause a number of nasty issues to manifest, changing the way your BMW’s engine performs.

Below are a few signs all car owners need to watch for to determine if their fuel injector is becoming clogged. Some of these include:

BMW Used Fuel Injector

  • The engine seems to run roughly.
  • Engine cylinders are not firing well.
  • The engine begins to have trouble starting on the first attempt.
  • No-start condition of the engine.
  • The fuel consumption in the vehicle goes up and efficiency deteriorates.
  • Poor engine emissions.

If you notice any of these problems in your BMW, it is important to visit one of our expert mechanics as soon as possible.

Why does the fuel injector get clogged?

Fuel injectors can get clogged for a variety of reasons. Often it is from hydrocarbons, or sediments, that are able to get into the fuel. Most of the fuel that you will use has some ethanol inside of it. This is a hygroscopic material, which means that it works to draw moisture from the air over to the fuel. The water found in the fuel is able to rust some of the internal components.

It is not uncommon for this rust to make its way into the injectors when the fuel filter goes bad, which is why both of these parts need to get checked often. Sometimes smaller and older service stations will have debris and sediment in the storage tanks that can make it to the injectors before being pumped into the fuel tank. The injectors sometimes get gummed up with varnish when the fuel is left inside the tank for a longer period of time.

How to Unclog the Fuel Injectors

Although there are some different additives you can put into the fuel injector to help clean it out and unclog it, these are not very effective, especially if the clog is pretty large. The only way to truly remove the clog is to get inside the injector. In fact, these additives can often make the problem worse. They are good at cleaning anything they touch, meaning they may loosen the debris and then add this into the clog, making the clog bigger and making it harder for the fuel to get through.

Instead of trying to fix the problem on your own, it is better to visit one of our qualified mechanics to help. They can take a closer look inside the fuel injector to determine where the problem lies and what needs to be done. They will actually get inside of the injector to see where the clog is and physically remove it, cleaning out any other debris at the same time. This will keep the fuel injector nice and clean so it can work the way that you want.

Ultimate Bimmer Service for Your BMW

When it comes to taking good care of your BMW, it is important to have routine maintenance done. When our mechanic does a full inspection of the vehicle, we are able to find any potential problems and get them fixed before more damage happens to your car.

BMW Fuel Injector Servicing

At Ultimate Bimmer Service, we are here to help with all of your fuel injector issues. We understand that this problem can be a frustrating and you need it fixed as soon as possible. Our qualified mechanics are happy to help the residents of Carrolton and Dallas, TX with all of your BMW repair needs. We offer Saturday service hours for your convenience, and with our appointments, we offer a free multi-point inspection and a preliminary diagnostic.

Our Ultimate Bimmer Service technicians enjoy BMWs as much as you do. We are expertly trained in brakes and chassis repair, suspension and steering issues, HVAC replacement, fuel system repairs, electrical repair and updating, and even body and trim services. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing to make our services affordable for everyone. Call us today to set up your appointment. We look forward to earning your repeat business!

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