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How to Avoid Experiencing a Flat Tire on Your BMW

Having a flat tire is an inconvenience no driver likes to experience. Flat tires are quite frustrating, as you have to spend a considerable amount of time changing the tire to the spare, possibly on a busy highway, and then taking time out to buy a new one. There are ways you can proactively seek to avoid experiencing a flat tire on your BMW. Let’s take a closer look.

BMW Flat Tire

Common Causes of Flat Tires

  • Aging tires: Even when tires are not in use, they degrade over time, and that means you must check your spare tire regularly, too. While old tires may appear in decent shape, they lack the quality and dependability of newly-manufactured ones. As a result, many manufacturers recommend that tires manufactured more than 6-10 years ago be retired, even if they have never been used.
  • Faulty valve system: The valve system helps to regulate the tire air pressure. The valve system may crack or wear out due to age, moisture, or ultraviolet rays. When the valve system is damaged, it causes leaks leading to low tire pressure.
  • Dry rot: Your tire’s dry rot refers to the brittleness caused by the rubber’s weakening. It occurs due to aging or exposure to certain conditions that may damage the tire’s rubber compounds.
  • Leaky tires: The bead of the tire is the thin rubber edge where your tire fits into the wheel or rim. It is designed to mold to the wheel and ensure an airtight seal that prevents the tire from spinning on the rims. A faulty tire bead can cause your tires to go flat.

Never Drive on a Flat Tire

Driving on a flat tire in your BMW or any car brand is dangerous and reduces your handling of the car. While you could travel a short distance on a flat tire, especially when getting your car to a safe stopping point, driving on a flat tire puts yourself and your passengers at risk.

Similarly, it causes structural damage to the wheel, brakes, suspension, and steering system.

You might be tempted to drive on a flat tire to the nearest repair shop to have it fixed. However, you might get to repair more than your tires. If you are faced with flat tires, it is best you safely bring the car to a stop and park on the side of the road.

You can replace the flat tire with a spare tire or use an emergency sealant to fill the puncture depending on the situation. If you don’t have a spare tire or a sealant won’t work, you should call for a tow to our shop for our professionals to install a proper new tire.

Tire Maintenance to Prevent Flats

Here are a few steps you can take to try to avoid a flat tire:

Check your tire pressure monthly

The first rule of tire maintenance is to check your tire pressure every month. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends checking your tire pressure every month.

Low tire pressure can be pretty dangerous, as it can affect your brakes at certain distances and cause less responsive steering. Similarly, it can lead to less inflated tires that reduce fuel economy and damage your tires over time. Ensure you check your vehicle’s tire information in the manual and check the pressure before driving when tires are hot and have been at rest.

Check the weight of your vehicle

Check the weight of your BMW on the manual. Tires have the maximum weight they can carry. So it would help if you took note of the maximum load your BMW can carry to avoid distressing the wheels if you tow or carry heavy loads.

Ensure your brakes are sound

Your tires and brakes work together. So you must adjust your brakes properly to prevent your tires from wearing out. A badly adjusted brake can cause uneven wear and tear on the wheels.

Rotate your tires

Rotate your tires by changing the position of your BMW from front to front or side to side. Rotation helps to prolong your tire life and also ensures balanced handling.

BMW Tire Rotation

Ultimate Bimmer Service Can Help

Ultimate Bimmer Service is here to help if you experience a flat tire. Our vast experience with BMW models has made us the top choice for drivers in Carrolton and Dallas, TX. Visit our shop today for your tire repairs, maintenance, and service!

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