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How Often You Should Change Brake Fluid in Your BMW

If you are a BMW driver, you already know that periodic maintenance is needed to preserve the performance of your vehicle. However, many BMW drivers question how often their brake fluids should be replaced. It is very common for drivers to overlook this service obligation. A large percentage of vehicles in the United States that have been on the road for over 10 years have never replaced their brake fluid. Some drivers just do a top-up and continue using their car.

BMW Illuminated ABS Light

There are several reasons why you should take this car maintenance seriously. The worst-case situation for failing to change your brake fluid on a regular basis is total brake failure, which can lead to costly repairs and collisions.

Brake Fluid Basics

Your BMW brakes are hydraulic, which means they function using a liquid substance known as brake fluid. Hydraulic fluid functions by converting force from pressing down on the brake pedal into pressure on the brakes. Liquids cannot compress, making them an excellent choice for brakes.

Signs That Your Brake Fluid Needs to Be Replaced

A total brake failure is a clear indication that you should have changed your brake fluid. Fortunately, there are other less dangerous indicators that your car’s brake fluid needs to be changed. If you see any of these symptoms, you should have your BMW mechanic inspect your brakes.

  • Pedal Issues: Your brake pedal will be more difficult to push if the brake fluid is old or has leaked out. Hard brake pedals are an indication that your brake lines need new fluid. Also, when you notice the brake pedal is getting too soft, it is time to change the brake fluid. Ignoring any of these warning indications may result in a brake failure or make stopping extremely difficult.
  • The ABS Illuminated Light: ABS is an acronym for your Anti-lock Braking System. When this light comes on, it means something has gone wrong with the braking system of your BMW. A typical solution for this light’s illumination is that you need to change or add brake fluid to your vehicle. Of course, there are additional causes for brake light illumination. Always have a professional inspect your brakes to ensure the problem isn’t more serious than you think.
  • Malfunctioning Brake Pads: The performance of your brake pads will degrade when your brake fluid ages. Your brakes may be screeching, grinding, or making other strange noises. Another telling symptom is that your brakes take a little longer to come to a complete halt.
  • Burning Smells: Overheated brakes can release a chemical smell like burned metal or rubber. If you discover this odor in your car, just pull over and let the brakes cool so that it does not damage your braking system.

Replacement by Age of Your Car

Although many manufacturers recommend replacing the fluid every 2 years, there is no straight answer to when you should change your brake fluid because car usage varies amongst drivers.

A good rule of thumb is to have your technician inspect your brakes and the brake fluid at each oil change. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate information on how your brakes are performing and whether they need fresh fluid. Some drivers discover that their brake fluid has to be changed every four or five years.

Can I flush it on my own?

While it is possible to flush your brake fluid yourself, it is strongly advised that you rely on the experience and knowledge of an automobile repair specialist, such as our professionals at Ultimate Bimmer Service. Tackling this issue yourself requires the right tools and knowledge of our BMW. Mistakes can be costly!

BMW Brake Fluid Inspection

Allow Our BMW Experts to Assist You With Brake Needs

Knowing when to replace your brake fluid is a must to keep your car running smoothly! If your brakes are acting strangely or your brake fluid is low, have our professional technicians inspect them for you.

At Ultimate Bimmer Service, we serve car owners in Carrolton and Dallas, TX. Our high-quality, low-cost servicing will help you avoid costly mistakes and keep your BMW running at top performance. If you need a brake change for your vehicle, schedule a service today, and we’ll keep your car running at peak performance!

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