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Having Problems With Your BMW’s Air Conditioning System?

Air conditioning is one of the greatest perks of modern motoring that is simply taken for granted. A working A/C means that you can drive in comfort no matter the weather or the terrain or conditions outside. Air conditioning allows you to keep the windows up and exist in your own quiet and comfortable cabin, if you wish. But of course, all these great perks can be lost without the correct maintenance.

BMW Air Conditioning System Issue

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the common faults you may find with your BMW’s A/C system.The most common A/C faults that BMW drivers experience include:

● air conditioning odor
● air conditioning unit blowing hot air instead of cold
● air conditioning won’t turn on
● air conditioning won’t turn off

Fault 1: Air Conditioning Odor

There are lots of reasons why your air conditioning might start to smell, such as:

Mold or Bacteria

If your A/C smells damp, then you likely have a buildup of mold and mildew in your A/C. This is most common in older cars and those who use the A/C infrequently.

Bad Smell

A general bad odor is common when the A/C’s air filters are blocked with dirt and grimy water. This odor can get pretty bad, which is why switching out the filters is important.


A chemical-type smell that is vaguely sweet indicates a coolant leak. To avoid issues with your BMW overheating, you’ll need to have the source of the leak located and repaired.


Gas leaks can be very dangerous, so if you smell fuel when turning on your A/C, have the matter addressed quickly.

Fault 2: Air Conditioning Blowing Warm Air

While some cars are known to have a more feeble A/C than others, you most certainly shouldn’t settle for lukewarm air. This points to part failure and is most commonly caused by one of the following:

● damage to the cooling fans
● blockages in the air condenser
● obstructions in the internal workings of the a/c
● electrical faults
● the refrigerant is running low

Getting the heart of the matter is easy for expert technicians, and if you keep on top of your servicing schedule, you will likely find that you never need to worry about cooling or heating issues.

Fault 3: Air Conditioning Won’t Turn On

This can be just as bad as having an A/C that won’t turn on. It can leave you relying on the old fashioned cooling method of rolling the windows down for air circulation. It can also cause other frustrations, such as preventing you from defogging your windows. Common causes of this issue include:

● overheating system
● fan burning out
● broken or jammed dial stuck in the off position
● stuck valve
● faulty wiring
● blown fuses
● blocked air ducts
● compressor failure

Fault 4: The A/C Refuses to Switch Off

No one wants cold air blasting in the middle of winter, even if you’re one of those rare folks wearing short sleeves in December. Worst still, if your A/C continues to blow when the engine is off, you’ll end up with a dead battery too. This fault tends to occur for one of the following reasons:

● a loose or faulty ribbon cable
● the control dial is broken or jammed in the on position
● the blower resistor has shorted out
● faulty selector switch
● the blower motor relay has shorted
● the a/c controller has shorted
● the blow control unit has shorted

An A/C that is stuck on all the time doesn’t just make driving uncomfortable, it also costs you money. The A/C takes fuel to run, so if you’re using it constantly, your BMW will achieve fewer miles per gallon than usual.

BMW Air Conditioning System Check

Ultimate Bimmer Service is Here to Help

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