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BMW Body & Trim Repair in Carrollton

When it comes to regular vehicle maintenance, BMWs are no exception to the rule. These cars need both cosmetic and technical tune-ups over time, same as all makes and models. However, BMWs require extra care and attention when performing these repairs. That is why BMW servicing centers offer body & trim repair services. In this article, we are going to talk about what you can expect from a body & trim repair and where to go when you need these services.


What to Expect from BMW Body & Trim Repair

A BMW body & trim repair involves a plethora of services to keep your car looking great as well as helping every electrical function run smoothly.

These services include:

  • repair of the exterior and interior trim, bumper, splash shields, and window glass
  • weather stripping and repair of body seals
  • repair and cleaning of the glove box, floor mats, carpet, and center console
  • repair of wood trim and door panels
  • wind noise diagnostics
  • rattle and noise diagnostics
  • window regulator or motor replacement
  • broken window cleanup and door glass replacement
  • windshield replacement
  • water leak diagnostics and water damage control and repair
  • door lock/latch actuator replacement
  • electric/mechanical seat repair
  • sunroof diagnosis and repair
  • convertible top diagnosis and repair
  • cup holder replacement
  • door panel mounting repair and clip replacement
  • Side view/non-folding mirror diagnosis and repair
  • door interior release handle replacement
  • door vapor barrier reseal and replacement

As you can see, this service is quite comprehensive. It can be an overwhelming list to take in all at once, so we’re going to break it down into smaller parts so that you can get a more in-depth look at everything this package has to offer.

Window Servicing

When it comes to your BMW’s windows, nearly any issue you may be experiencing can be taken care of during body & trim repair. For instance, any broken or cracked windows will be repaired or replaced. If you are having trouble cleaning up the broken glass, your team of BMW experts will help.

If your car is failing to roll the windows up/down, the motor will be repaired so that you can control your windows once again. Oftentimes, windshields get cracked or broken whether because of a car accident or a rogue rock in the road. This, too, can be replaced when you take your BMW in for a body & trim repair service.

Interior and Exterior Trim

Both the interior and exterior trim of your BMW are made of high-quality material and require special care to repair. BMW specialists will patch up any cracks, stains, and discoloration to make your car look good as new again. This includes any wood paneling and your bumper.

Electrical Issues

Modern vehicles use electricity and motors to power most parts, including the windows, locks, sunroof, and convertible top. If your BMW’s motors or actuators are malfunctioning, body & trim repair servicing will diagnose these issues and have any defective part repaired or replaced. This allows you to lock/unlock your doors at the push of a button, control all windows remotely, open/close the sunroof, and control your convertible roof. If your seat is controlled by electrical motors as well, these can be repaired.

Damage Control and Repair

This service is not just about minor technical issues and cosmetic flaws. If your BMW has sustained water damage, for example, these experts can diagnose the issue and repair both the source and the result. If this has happened because of loose or damaged seals, these will be replaced in order to protect the interior of your car from the elements. BMW specialists will also diagnose any strange noises or unwelcome wind your car is experiencing and work with you to fix the issue.

Other Minor Detailing

Aside from the larger repairs and cosmetic revamping, your service also includes cup holder replacement, repair or replacement with cleaning of your glove box, center console, floor mats, and carpet. This will make your BMW look fresh and new again.

BMW Body Repair

Where to Get Your BMW’s Body & Trim Serviced

If your BMW is in need of body & trim repair servicing, the highly qualified team of specialists located at Ultimate Bimmer Service in Carrollton and Dallas, TX is the place for excellent service. This comprehensive maintenance package will give you your money’s worth and keep you driving in style for years to come.

* BMW Car image credit goes to: Roman Stasiuk.

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